Labradoodle Diversity

Follow along here to see all of the diversity of labradoodles!

First off, let's look at the different colors of labradoodles:

-All of the colors to the right are found on labradoodles (red, apricot, cream, chalk, silver, cage, black, and chocolate)
-Most labradoodles though will have some combination of fur colors, depending on their parents' history
-Depending too on how much poodle is in the labradoodle, the fur should be hypoallergenic

Now let's look at the different sizes of labradoodles:
-The labradoodles to the right all vary in size, from a miniature dog to a larger, standard labradoodle (my dog is 90lbs, so he's on the larger size)
-Miniature labradoodles typically weigh up to 25 lbs, while a standard labradoodle would typically weigh around 75 lbs)
-Much of the variability comes from the poodle side of the cross breeding, because labs typically are about the same size, while poodles have diversity

Now let's look at the different temperaments of labradoodles:
-Labradoodles can be super friendly, especially with families, like in the picture to the left of a little boy with some puppies
-Labradoodles can also be playful like the dogs running out the doors to the right
-Below you can see that labradoodles can be quite lazy, too, and sleep quite a bit